Scenography Value

Scenography interact directly with Viewers, by creating empathy with show/event.

Theatral Scenographies

We design and manufacture establishments which are suited to theatre sudden changes and limited set-up area, always bearing in mind the ease of movement on stage too.

Film and Television Scenographies

Our scenic arrangements comply with all technical requirements of tv and cinema: points of view, perspective and focal length, but they also able to recreate a real-life setting in studio.

Event Standing

Whether it’s a company convention, product launch, the first impact is given by environment (where) in which it taken place. hence our decision to focus (for this reason we aim to striking) layout fill the public in an universe created ad hoc.

Fittings for fairs and expositions

In a competitive sector, visual component is without reasonable doubt an element of strong attraction. for this reason we want to bring out even tha brand identity with customized exposition space, durable and functional.

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